Ripoff Report Removal


“Page Removal Service removed a Ripoff Report from the second position on the first page of Google search results within two weeks. They then made sure the first three pages of search results showcases all of the best things about our adult community.”


SEO, Web Development, and PPC for an Online Wine Club


“I have a wine-of-the-month club, Celebrations Wine Club, and was finally priced out of the market by Google ad-words. The people who had designed and managed my site insisted that I wasn’t at the top of the search engines because I’m in such a competitive business. Enter Page Removal Service After they began working on the site, it rose to the top of the search engines like a helium balloon. they literally doubled my business within a year. It had taken me a year of phone calls before I found him, and I can’t begin to praise him enough. They’re not only super bright, but they manage their trade in a timely, organized, and transparent way. Page Removal Service brought me so much business that I have to change my whole system, which I’m in the process of doing, again with their help. They are a mine of business information beyond his particular web expertise. In a word, put them under contract fast before they get away.

Anna Maria Knapp
Celebrations Wine club

Key Phrase: Italian wine club, california wine club, wine clubs



Search Marketing for Fighter Combat



A reliable professional, SEM expert and top notch business. 10 of 10 – we would definitely use them again with highest recommendations to anyone else interested in his services.

‘BJ’ Ransbury
Fighter Combat




Internet Marketing: Health & Beauty Company



If you are considering hiring Page Removal Service, I strongly encourage you to do so.

the team is very knowledgeable, prompt, and easy to work with, which is wonderful for me as I am not an internet guru. They have demonstrated stellar performance and we will continue to use them.

Christine, one of the copy writers is amazing, quick, and easy to reach. Our correspondence and interaction has been most pleasant!

I personally have tried working with numerous SEO teams with DNA Health Institute, as well as Ojai Valley Inn & Spa, and other companies. I wish I had known of their team when I was working with the other companies, I think it would have been a much easier process.

I believe Page Removal Service will offer your company years of experience, prompt service, and excellent results.

Patricia Coash
Director, Business Development
DNA Health Institute



Weight Loss Products



I would like to take this opportunity to share my experience about their effective creativity combined with an outstanding knowledge of the internet “world”. It has been over a year that I hired Page Removal Service. During that time, I have given them a number of projects. They has done an extraordinary job of site and SEO development. I hope to continue my businesses growth for many years with his help. They makes the “hard stuff” seem easy – and they do it all with a smile and tremendous patience.

Judy Singer
JSI MetaSystem



Sports Equipment Company



They made changes to my site and the results were amazing in less than a week first page Google, number 1 Yahoo, number 1 MSN for my targeted search term “roller shoes”. I highly endorse their system.

Kent Eskam
President, Roller USA
Key Phrase: roller shoes



Other Industry Expertise




We’ve provided search engine optimization and Page Removal Service for the following industries:

Reputation Management for the Global Financial Industry
SEO, PPC, SEO Copywriting, Internet Reputation Management for National and Global Travel Agencies
Reputation Management and SEO for Doctors
Reputation Management and SEO for many Attorneys
Reputation Management for Worldwide Manufacturing companies
SEO for Entertainment Agencies
SEO for Video Game Companies
Internet Marketing and Web Development for Weight Loss Companies
Online Reputation Management for individuals
Amazon Review Management for Software Companies
CNET Review Management for Software Companies
Yelp Review Management for many industries including automotive, restaurant, and other
Many others. Over 100 individually cared-for customers and counting…

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