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URL link removal service from Google

URL link removal service from Google

URL link removal service from Google

Page Removal Service can clear any negative or outdated search results with URL link removal service from Google and from all search engines. We help professionals like lawyers, health care professionals, doctors, dentists etc… remove all bad press showing up on the name search. If you are a professional do don’t want any complaints and reviews showing up on your name, when people search you on the internet. Below you will find some samples of request that we get.

Outdated search result URL link removal service from Google

I am a health care professional. There is an outdated search result that is negative to my reputation. I would like to have this removed from ALL search engines. Can u help me? Please respond to email only. I cannot take calls during business hours.

Remove negative posts by online bullies

My business is being gang-stalked by on-line bullies. i need help to have the pages removed which show the malicious information,thanks.

Need to remove a particular site is ruining my biz with lies

Hello, I am an escort and have bin for a few years . Using the same number is important as that is what is linked to my good reviews and how people know to contact me . Recently the is a site claiming I am law enforcement . That couldn’t be further from the truth. I need it removed as it’s the third thing to pop up when you google my phone number PLEASE HELP! Thanks

Plainsite Url Removal from Google

Hi, plainsite has posted a report of a court case (still going) and it
appears on googles position #3 when you enter my friends name (go to and enter T***** *****r).
what would it cost to remove that s**t from the internet (or push it
back few pages on google) and how quick you can arrange it?
P.S. we contacted the plainsite owner – and he “laughed” on us

Consumer Affairs URL link removal service from Google

i want a consumer affairs ( ) article removed or placed in the second or third page of google. the link to the article was submitted to the \”website\” box above.

Guaranteed URL link removal service from Google

We page removal service is guaranteed and permanent contact us now

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