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Page Removal Request – Remove Google Link

Have you tried Google Page Removal Request to remove an unwanted link on Google search index, you may have tried several times and failed to do so. The reason for this is Google terms and conditions to have a link removed. They only remove pages you own or control, meaning if the page is hosted on other sites and you are not the owner or author you won’t be able to remove it even if you file a lawsuit unless the content violates some other law or rights but freedom of speech is again another law that will keep the content where it is.

Remove a Link from Google with Page Removal Request

Page Removal Request

Page Removal Request

There are other solutions to get rid of negative and unwanted links on Google or other search engines

Request a Page Removal Firm to cleanup the Mess

Yup Page Removal Service are offered by dozens of companies who help corporations and high profile individuals restores there online reputation by burying, hiding and pushing down the negative press down the search results.

Of course it’s a time consuming job and require a dedicated team to successfully do this and you need a n experienced company to do this. If you do it wrong it will get worse! Worse? yes
cant it get even more worse than my reputation is now? Yes the worse thing that can happen is that the links becomes so strong that it sticks where it is. Bad methods can may links stick permanently if you hire an in experienced firm to do the job.

So it’s very important you hire some one who has a proven method to clear your name or else you will live your entire life with a bad online reputation.

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