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Political Page Removal – Remove bad news for Politicians Online

Political Page Removal

Political Page Removal

Political Page Removal

Page removal service for politicians, presidential, senatorial, candidates.
We can help you remove bad press before elections if you are running for president, senator, governor, major then our political reputation management service is your solution.

Page Removal Service for Public servants

I was terminated for political reasons from a job I had after 8 years. Unfortunately my grant writer was elected mayor, and her grant mistakes caused my removal. I’m a public servant and it took 18 months to land a new position. Even though I\’ve been in the paper before and since, The Blade articles are always at the top. I suspect they know there was much more to the story but why their article is still more prevalent is beyond me.

Remove bad news for Politicians Online

We have an express service that can remove all unwanted electoral sabotage and smear campaigne online
within 2 weeks time..

We can help people running for government positions

Nearing elections ? we can remove anything unwanted showing up on your name search on Google or other searcch engines like bing, yahoo, baidu and aol.

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