Remove Ripoff Report Defamation Listings Google

We need a service to Remove Ripoff Report Defamation Listings Google
Our company had an employee 4 years ago who worked for the company for
3 days. Upon his termination he defamed the company on Ripoff Report.
We would like to have this information removed.

Can you Remove Ripoff Report Defamation Listings Google

Remove Ripoff Report Defamation Listings Google

Remove Ripoff Report Defamation Listings Google

I came across your service online and I have a question about
getting an article removed on Google that was three years ago and
dismissed, it is costing me money.
My company online reputation is greatly damaged on the
Internet and Google by false allegations that was never proven happened.
We are a digital marketing firm.  
We also have clients who has same problems with some negative reviews coming on google.  
Our ripoff report is currently coming on 4th position in the first page.  
We want that to be removed or at the least pushed towards the 4th page of the search. 
 Could you please let me know your rough costing for this.  

Also provide a proposal or the method your company will be using to supress or remove the negative ripoff report.
  How long will this normally take ? is there anyway your team can get rid of the bad articles in matter of weeks instead of months.
Other company say it will take months to years. I can't wait years i need this problem solved now asap.

Eventually i come to the question.. How long will the ripoff report buried or hidden?
is there any chance it will ever come back on first page? 
Is there a maintenance plan where i pay every month to keep your work up to date, so nothing creeps back up..

Please let me know when we will be able to start work.
I am very eager to get my online reputation fixed.

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