Remove Epinions.com Page, Reviews, complaints, Links, listings, content from Google

Epinions.com is a consumer review website and a service provided by Shopping.com, which features millions of product reviews from consumers.

Page Removal Service can remove Epinions negative reviews from Google search.
consumers who have tried products from the sellers on shopping.com post there experience and and product reviews on Epinions platform
we at Page removal service help companies protect there brands by eliminating all negative reviews and complaints posted on epinions and showing up on Google search.

Although we are called Page removal service, that doesnt mean we can remove all pages from google
in fact most of the time pages cannot be removed but don’t be saddened cause we have a proven solution to solve your problem.

We can hide the consumer reviews on epinions
how? you ask we bury the listings on Google these complains will be suppressed by new links containing positive content.

One Response to “Remove Epinions.com Page, Reviews, complaints, Links, listings, content from Google”

  1. Remove my Epinions reviews says:


    My name is Greg i own a company selling appliances on shopping.com
    yesterday i did a name search on my company name and some of our products online
    and i stumbled upon dozens of negative reviews from Epinions users.

    i am not even sure if they are all legit cause some claims are exaggerated there complaints are baseless.

    I feel that the reviews posted on Epinions are biased and unfair specially when we arent allowed to remove the reviews posted on our products reviews.

    can you guys help my company remove epinions complaints from Google?


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