How to remove yelp page from google

Many people have been questioning the same question how to remove a yelp page? I personally know that it is not posible to remove a yelp page from the website.

Everyone has there own reasons why they want to remove, but mostly its due to the yelp system allowing people “consumers” report and post there complaints in the form of a review comment.

Here is the tricky part when your company gets listed on yelp.com it will rank high up in google or your company names search phrase.

And each time people comment on it it gets higher and stronger, we however have found a proven method to suppress the yelp page ,

Yes you read it well , although its not what you actually wanted in the first place, its better than nothing,

That yelp listig may stay there forever and never gets deleted untill your firm goes bankcrupt.

Its up to you now whether you want to clear your companies name from the bad and negative yelp reviews that has caused you headaches and lost thousands of dollars.

Some prospected clients may never return due to those scam allegations, fraud reports or slander.

These reviews may be false or not true still it will be there untill you decide to have us remove the link from google.

Once its cleared you will notice more sales more leads and more money.
Contact us now to get your company name fixed online.

its a time consuming job but we have an army of search engine optimization experts at our disposal.

Work can start immediately results can be seen in just days
Service fee is affordable and far from the asking prices of many online reputation management firms in the US, India or UK.

We are based in the Philippines the Outsourcing Capital of the world were labor cost is lower than any country for highly educated and skilled staff.

Contact us now.

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