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Yelp Reviews Page Removal Service

HI, My name is James VP at a Sportswear company.
We are a 30 year old reputable
clothing company that whole/services retail stores. We need Yelp reviews page removal service

We are located in Los Angeles , Ca. For the several years I have been Harassed,
Embarrassed , accused of illegal activity , slander, Defamation and false accusations from false reviews on Yelp. NON of which are true.

We are getting either competitors or people we rejected to do business with writing these fictitious reviews . I have asked Yelp Numerous times to get some backing evidence to show these were true experiences and they cant even respond.

Yelp Reviews Page Removal Service

I researched these complaints one by one and they are faker than can be. I even participated in a couple of the reviews by politely asking to reference their “so called\” bad experience , that never took place, but even then no one replies and Yelp just allows these illegal and false defamation to exist. I need help to have these reviews removed or vouch for these people that are marking up these lies.

This is hurting my business on an unprecedented level. A crime is taking place and nothing is being done about it.

Can you please let me know if you have anything to offer on this matter.


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