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Help in Removing a Complaint Page on

I need help in removing a complaint page on ripoffreport it is floating on google , yahoo and bing search
i want it to disappear. what techniques do we need to do to ban the page on google can we use the same tactics to sandbox websites, black-hat or something.

let me know who will be able to remove the page from ripoffreport on


I want To Remove Complaint Page from

I have heard about people hiring reputation management firms to clean up there reputation and removing ripoffreport , like everyone else who has a problem with ripoffreport they want to remove the report but the website won’t allow any removal of the pages. instead hiring a company to remove the page from the internet and google is an alternative.


How to Remove Article Page From

I was recently on the news and now after the news i was expecting everyone would forget what i have done, but all the articles , bad news and negative press releases still haunt my life from my past life, i am willing to pay whatever just want those pages removed from google every time people google my name it appears on page one, there is BBC, mirror, telegraph, guardians etc… you name it they are all there. one mistake has ruined my life now i want to start all over, a new life fresh and clean.

Help me on this.

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